Suuro Branding Process — New Brand Design Work

suuro brand design work and strategy

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Suuro is a concept project we did here at the studio! Suuro is a slow and sustainable clothing brand. All of their clothes are hand-made and sourced from ethical materials.

I’ll be walking you through our whole branding process: from the strategy to the brand design.

Let’s get into it!

The Brand

Suuro is an ethical clothing brand. All of their clothing pieces are hand-made with love and care. There is great attention to detail in each piece.

Furthermore, Suuro’s clothes come from high-quality, ethical, and sustainable materials. They are meant to last.

The brand’s target audience is conscious individuals who want to leave a lighter footprint on the world.

Their clothing is on the higher end because each piece is hand-made and sourced from high-quality and ethical materials. Suuro’s employees are also all paid fairly, unlike many fast fashion brands.

Some things we kept in mind:

  1. Suuro’s brand values & personality (they value sustainability, high-quality, soothing/relaxing/calming experiences)
  2. Their target audience (They were looking for conscious individuals who were not only looking to leave a lighter footprint, but were also willing to pay higher prices for higher-quality clothing)
  3. Their business goals (They wanted to build a community and attract the appropriate audience)
suuro slow sustainable ethical fashion slowpreneur brand design and strategy brand inspiration moodboard
Suuro’s proposed brand mood board

After considering everything, this was the proposed mood board.

We wanted to go for a more artisan and rustic look & feel. We leaned more towards the warmer colors to give a calming effect. The warmer colors also look more organic and natural as opposed to brighter neon colors.

Along with being a slow fashion brand, Suuro also advocates for slow and intentional living. We aimed to highlight the beauty of ordinary, everyday things and the beauty of the mundane.

Final Branding Work

brand board branding design for Suuro, a slow sustainable clothing brand.
Suuro Final Brand Board with the main logo, sub-logos, brand colors, and mockups

We elevated the design to create a soothing brand. The brand aligns with its target audience and a brand that communicates high-quality, artisan clothing.

Here are some other photos and mockups. You can see everything on a more curated page here.

suuro sub marks and secondary logos minimalist conscious design
suuro sub mark and sub logo conscious minimalist brand design and strategy
sustainable clothing branding and brand design tote bag mockup design inspiration

There you have it for the branding of Suuro! If you want to elevate your business and work with us, feel free to view our services and inquire if you’re interested!

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